I am very sorry to announce that Classy Herps will no longer be selling Dubia Roaches as of 8/15/2015 . Reason for this: I am moving to College to study Biology, and hopefully graduate from veterinarian school. If you would really like a special order of Classy Herps roaches, feel free to email me at: classyherps@gmail.com  and we can work something out! :) 

I should have baby Bearded Dragons for sale by 9/1/15. So check back soon for when I update that!

I should also have many baby Ball Pythons for sale by June/July 2016, of many various morphs. Check back around then if you're interested in purchasing a Ball Python from me. I will post pictures and prices as soon as the eggs hatch.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience in this matter. Life can get very busy and I am very grateful for your support through this journey.

Thank you!
Colin Cudney
Classy Herps